Senator goofs, posts about committee chairman 'eating' during zoom meeeting

Lawmaker was chatting with colleague when he sent shocking message to all members by mistake

In Summary

• The senator apologised, pleading with journalists at the meeting not to paint the chairman in bad light portrayed in his message

• Committee members are reviving their investigation of a big- potentially lucrative for them - scandal because they need to line their pockets for Christmas and fund campaigns.

Parliament Buildings.
Parliament Buildings.
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Technology can at times turn out to cause embarrassment, more so when a user throws caution to the winds. A senator accidentally posted a message to a group chat during a Parliament committee meeting held via Zoom. The first-term lawmaker insinuated that the chairman had been bribed by a director of a company linked to a recent scandal to stop committee members from asking hard questions. He posted, “Mimi simjui (the director). Labda chairman alikula" ("I don't know him. Maybe the chairman ate." On realising the grave error minutes later, the good senator apologised, pleading with journalists at the meeting not to paint the chairman in bad light.

Has a first-term MP from Kisii dropped his bid to succeed Governor James Ongwae in the 2022 duel? Well, Corridors understands that the popular politician could have decided to give the 2022 contest a wide berth after a lot of behind-the-scenes political deals. There is talk that the MP could be going for the Senate seat after a group of politicians plotted a winning formula that would distribute seats across major clans. It has emerged that the team will be fielding a former MP, whose tenure was hailed for initiating a couple of development projects across his constituency.

Distraught members of a committee probing a multi-billion shilling scandal have vowed to resuscitate the debate, apparently to summon top government officials implicated in the sleaze, and squeeze a dime. A little bird in the know overheard members griping that times are hard and therefore they must raise hell - to line their pockets for Christmas holidays and expensive campaigns ahead. The guileful MPs say the big bucks made from the scandal is humongous and must be shared as it appears some powers are keen on protecting the perpetrators from the wrath of the sleuths.

A senior official in a Nyanza county has sparked ire with his excesses while executing his operations for the short time he has held the post. The man, haunted by the ghosts of the crimes he committed in his last station, could be headed for a rough ride in the county as he is yet to be confirmed in his current job. Locals have invited the anti-graft agency to initiate a probe into the conduct and integrity of the fellow who is said to be just an interview away from being confirmed to the lucrative post. They say the man was just to attend the vetting as 'a formality' but now it might not be plain sailing.