Traffic cop demands bribes for his seniors

He has been asking for Sh5, 000 from junior officers every Friday to be sent to “Wakubwa”.

In Summary
  • The officer uses a coded language when asking for money from members of the public.
  • He is the talk of the town over his notoriety in demanding bribes.
Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai
Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai

A senior Traffic cop from a South Rift county is the talk of the town over his notoriety for demanding bribes.  His insatiable appetite for money has reached new levels and he now uses coded language when asking for money from members of public seeking services in his office. Our mole says the officer, who was moved to the station recently from a neighbouring subcounty within the county, has also been demanding not less than Sh5,000 from each junior officer in the department every Friday to be sent to “Wakubwa”. Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai (pictured) should get to the bottom of this racket and find out who those Wakubwa are.

One of Kenya’s older universities is currently reeling from unprecedented rot occasioned by gross mismanagement and brazen nepotism. A senior staff member is said to be in office illegally following the expiry of her term but she is said to be connected to a big man at the Ministry of Education. Angry members of the teaching, administrative and support staff are incensed that their salaries have been slashed for the last four months because of mismanagement of resources. To make matters worse, a little bird tells Corridors that the university council is defunct. All the while, the ministry is said to be busy covering up the story of the institution sinking deeper into a crisis with each passing day.

Senior officials of a county in Western are on the spot over claims of collusion with junior investigators to blackmail their governor over allegations of corruption in his administration. The officials are said to furnish the junior officers with documents of various questionable projects to reach out to the county chief who later parts with huge sums of money to buy their silence and halt any probe. A mole whispered to Corridors that the officials have milked the country dry using the scheme and it is time for Big Brother to call them out.

Still in Western, a chief officer who has been on the radar of several state agencies over her involvement in procurement irregularities and incompetence is said to have given MCAs of the implementation committee Sh500,000 as a bribe. The official is keen to stop any further probe by the panel. She is said to be willing to give out more money to the MCAs to stop them from coming up with a report that could automatically lead to her impeachment. Despite being summoned three times, she hasn’t turned up, always giving minor excuses like having meetings with their governor, to dodge the assembly.