Medical agency cartel collects Sh5 million weekly

A state corporaion under the Ministry of Health has become then epitome of corruption

In Summary

• The cartel’s boss, who hails from Nyanza, operates with impunity and has been making some approvals without due certification processes.

• Some MPs have such a low opinion of their colleagues that they tell  journalists not to listen to them.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe .
HELP US Health CS Mutahi Kagwe .
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A state corporation that is part of the medical fraternity has become the epitome of corruption. A cartel led by senior officials is reportedly collecting at least Sh5 million weekly from clients seeking approvals from the entity. The cartel’s boss, who hails from Nyanza, operates with impunity and has been making some approvals without due certification processes. Members of the public who have fallen prey to this cartel are appealing to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe (pictured) to disband the agency’s board and invite EACC and DCI to conduct lifestyle audits of the agency’s top directors.

The long-awaited probe conclusion and subsequent arrest of 21 culprits for embezzlement of more than Sh3 billion in a county in Nyanza are  in the homestretch. Detectives from the EACC and DCI concluded the probe on Friday, having summoned officials manning the county's Ifmis to record statements in line with evidence presented by Central Bank of Kenya. Fear has gripped top architects of the deal after copies of cheques used in the withdrawals, which were made during the 2017 electioneering period, were produced. Among the beneficiary accounts was that of a Chief Executive Committee member.

It seems that there are MPs who have such a  low opinion of some of their colleagues that they even tell journalists not to pay attention to them. Well, a group of MPs holding a press conference on national matters told journalists to never take seriously a legislator from Central Kenya whenever he issues a statement or addresses the media. They said that the legislator is always drunk and even reeks of alcohol in almost all parliamentary sessions. Their advice to journalists: “Pay attention to the MP only if he is talking about alcohol since he might be having a wealth of experience on liquor matters.

A top county assembly official from a county controlled by the Jubilee Party was recently embarrassed by police officers who had been deployed to man the premises. The official had bragged to some assembly officers whom they had quarreled with that she is the one who engineered the deployment of the officers. But a day later, the officers blocked her from accessing her office. The officers made it clear that they had firm instructions not to allow anyone, including her, to access the assembly precincts. Feeling embarrassed in front of the assembly officers whom she had bragged to,; she vowed to instigate the reshuffling of the security officers. She got into her official car and sped off.