Rebel senators' move to 'dump' Ruto a strategy okayed by DP?

The nominated legislators were asked to lie low, at least for now, to save their jobs

In Summary
  • Did nominated senators really dump Ruto? The time will come when the legislators will show where their real allegiance lies.
  • The senators’ abrupt change of mind had Ruto’s blessings.

Deputy President William Ruto. /FILE
Deputy President William Ruto. /FILE

Is the sudden move by some Jubilee senators, especially the nominated, to ‘dump’ Deputy President William Ruto (pictured) genuine or is it a strategy to save their jobs? Well, a close ally of the DP was overheard saying the senators’ abrupt change of mind had Ruto’s blessings. The vocal legislator said the members were asked to lie low, at least for now, to spare their jobs in the wake of the heightened purge on Jubilee legislators disloyal to President Uhuru Kenyatta. The President is also the party leader of the ruling party. According to the man, time will come when the members will show where their real allegiance is.

Two Canadians allegedly involved in money laundering and fake gold trade make for an intriguing case being handled by one of the country’s investigating agencies. Sources whisper to Corridors that a Kenyan swindled two Canadians out of nearly Sh20 million. The suspect account first received over Sh10.8 million and a further Sh9.7 million. However, attempts to recall the cash were futile. The level of fraud in the matter is said to be mind-boggling. One suspect, a Canadian, has been swearing even false affidavits. At one time, the international suspect claimed he was in Kenya yet a search at the Immigration department showed he was not. Corridors will soon tell you more about the players involved in this racket and how accounts of a fake law firm were used.

When a bunch of drunken youths used an ambulance to beat the curfew, Kenyans were dismayed and rebuked the youngsters. But senior government officials are also using crude means to beat the curfew. A governor from Western, who wanted to be with his girlfriend past curfew hours, used the same tactics with an official vehicle to achieve his goals. A mole at the county tells Corridors that the governor invited his girlfriend to Kisumu but it was impossible since it was almost 7pm. The county chief then sent his official vehicle and escort to pick the woman, knowing very well that no officer at the roadblocks would check the occupants of the cars and probably interfere with his evening plans.