Man with jobs at both Utalii College and Bomas of Kenya threatens accountants with show cause letters

In Summary

• Official accused of forging signatures of Tourism ministry bosses to raise double claims.

• A Nyanza conman with ties to human resources and the governor's secretary swindles job seekers. 

Tourism CS Najib Balala.
CLAIMS QUESTIONED: Tourism CS Najib Balala.
Image: FILE

  A senior official with multiple jobs within parastatals in the Ministry of Tourism has become a bother to other employees at the institutions. Reason? Corridors is told the man claims double allowances from the entities and intimidates accountants who decline to process the unlawful claims. The man, further accused of forging signatures of senior government officials at the ministry headed by Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala (pictured), threatens the moneymen with show-cause letters. He is said to brag about how untouchable he is, saying those who care can report the matter to any office as they wish. These desperate officers are crying out for help.


A conman, whose activities are hinged on the influence of a secretary attached to a governor has been exposed. The man, who claims to be a medical doctor and a member of the County Public Service Board, has perfected the art of using his connections with a human resources officer and the powerful governor’s secretary. In this way, he swindles unsuspecting job applicants by saying he can give them job opportunities. The governor’s secretary is now restless fearing that her role in the syndicate will be exposed. A fly on the wall reveals that the woman is clinging to her ‘more than close’ ties with the governor.


  A senior cop is the talk of one of the towns on the periphery of the Nairobi metropolis for allegedly snatching an industrial worker’s wife. The man, said to have an appetite for married women, took the mother of two away from her house having dated her for some time. The woman is embroiled in a child custody battle with her husband. They have agreed to share bills and the cost of food, clothing and fees for their children. Those in the know say the police officer keeps sending messages laced with threats to those opposed to his bad habits.


  Is curfew still being enforced in Nairobi’s Eastlands area? Well, Corridors has learnt that residents of these areas are increasingly casual  about the government’s measures to contain Covid-19. For instance, between 7.30 and 8pm daily, there is traffic gridlock on the roads. Notorious are Kariobangi area, parts of Outering and Kagundo Road. Surprisingly, police seem to have given up. Matatus drop passengers at will and rush to pick passengers elsewhere. Maybe Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai should remind their boys to remain vigilant but humane.


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