Voters call out MP who uses BBI excuse to avoid them

Did Coast governor appoint graft suspect to a plum post with Ifmis access in procurement department?

In Summary
  • Voters don't buy the excuse their MP is too busy to see them because he is helping Raila with scripted BBI events. 
  • MCAs from Western Kenya got hold of the governor's embarrassing dossier. Whenever, they're broke, they exort money from him to 'sit' on it.
ODM leader Raila Odinga during the BBI forum in Narok on Saturday, February 22.
BBI: ODM leader Raila Odinga during the BBI forum in Narok on Saturday, February 22.

Nyanza constituency voters want their MP called out for his unending excuses whenever his presence is needed in matters affecting them. They say the constituency boss always says he is busy helping ODM leader Raila Odinga in the Building Bridges Initiative campaigns. Their argument is that the BBI meetings are preplanned, scripted and orchestrated down to the last detail. They say their MP should not use the forums as an excuse to avoid them. They say the MP is known for giving them flimsy reasons to explain his conspicuous absence from the constituency. He last spent time with constituents in December — for a day — while Parliament was in recess for two months.

Did a governor of a county in the Coast region appoint a graft suspect facing a charge in court to a plum position in a procurement department? Well, the man was not only confirmed to the plum post but has also been granted full rights to manage payments through Ifmis. A little bird whispers to Corridors that the man, being close to the powers that be at the country, has gone rogue and is charging suppliers a 10 per cent fee for processing pending bills. Are DPP Noordin Haji and EACC boss Twalib Mbarak aware of the impunity being brewed in this devolved administration?  

Still at the Coast, there is disquiet among candidates interviewed for the post of procurement manager at the Kenya Ports Authority. There is word of a plot by one of the top managers in the port to influence the appointment. Anxious applicants tell Corridors that the person being supported by the manager did not make it to the top three. They want the top managers reminded of the warning by President Uhuru Kenyatta regarding matters of corruption at the port agency.

Some MCAs from a county in Western Kenya have turned their governor into a cash cow — literally. The ward reps are said to be having the governor’s dossier and have been using it to extort money from him whenever they are broke. Those in the know intimate that the ward reps have made it a habit of demanding at least Sh2 billion from the county boss to sit on the dossier. The damning report is said to be enough to bring the governor down and therefore, he has been faithfully ‘feeding the MCAs whenever they feel hungry’ so that they don't release it.