Top Education ministry official 'bribed' to allow Saturday tuition?

In Summary

• Some education enthusiasts are ready to bust the official in the coming days if action is not taken.

Education CS George Magoha.
Education CS George Magoha.
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A senior Ministry of Education official is a man in the eye of a storm. The official, it has turned out, is behind the mushrooming paid-up Saturday tuition in many public schools in the capital. Corridors of Power has been informed that the official usually moves around the schools at least once every month collecting his cut from head teachers so that he can continue offering them protection against the government's long arm of the law. Many are now wondering if the ruthless Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has been well briefed of the worsening situation of illegal tuition in public schools around the city. Some education enthusiasts are ready to bust the official in the coming days if action is not taken.

A powerful Cabinet Secretary is likely to face a tough time this week amid a vow by an oversight agency to have him record accounts of flaws in a mega project he was part of. Members of the oversight agency have stated that they will not look above their shoulders any longer and would drag the minister before them to answer to questions arising from the flawed tender. A staff of the agency was overheard encouraging his colleagues not to be cowed by the man’s bossy attitude. But some members dismissed the staff saying theirs has been a case of no one being ready to ‘bell the cat’.

Still on Cabinet matters, members of a parliamentary committee are fighting over summonses that were to be issued to a well-resourced Cabinet Secretary to appear before the committee to answer to his past crimes. The team is divided on whether the official bears any responsibility on the mess. A mole intimated to Corridors that they have been pushing for the CS to appear in vain and pointed accusing fingers at one of their colleague for frustrating the effort. With this, their fear is that the official may not be invited to shed light on the matter after all – to the detriment of taxpayers who may be forced to pay billions for the official’s sins.

A CEO of a devolution agency has been called out for frustrating workers seconded to the entity, especially those handling communication. The agency has had a mass exodus of communication workers – some not even lasting a month on the post. It is said that the executive has adopted an all-knowing attitude and despite not being a communication professional, lords over those seconded to her team even when all is clear that she is wrong. Workers there say it is time the officer was reprimanded and bear responsibility of the entity’s poor communication strategy. They care less if she is removed and a competent officer hired to replace her.