Diplomats troubled over Maraga threats

Envoys demand investigations into threats by officers seeking to remove CJ

In Summary

• A clique of top government officials  — who have been crafting how to punish the Judiciary for unfavourable rulings — are in a panic.

• A famous reggae musician from Jamaica calls on Mariga to push for legalisation of marijuana if he makes it to Parliament. 

Chief Justice David Maraga.
PLOT AGAINST HIM? Chief Justice David Maraga.
Image: FILE

Chief Justice David Maraga on Monday claimed some Cabinet Secretaries, among other senior government officials, are plotting his removal from office over unfavourable court rulings. But before the smoke cleared, Corridors has learnt the clique is in panic. It is understood some foreign embassies are concerned about the threats issued to Maraga and the Judiciary at large and have pressured the Office of President Uhuru Kenyatta to launch investigations. Envoys say those behind the plot should be kicked out. It's only a matter of time before the plotters are smoked out.

A famous reggae musician from Jamaica nearly spoilt the party for Jubilee during the party's final rally to drum up support for their candidate McDonald Mariga at DC grounds in Kibra on Sunday. The musician, who was in the country at the invitation of the ex-footballer, was performing in the presence of DP William Ruto and hundreds of ecstatic supporters. Then the unexpected happened. The musician asked Mariga to fight for the legalisation of marijuana when he gets to Parliament. The remarks sparked bitter reactions, with some Jubilee MPs openly accusing him of 'spoiling for Mariga.' The crowd also reacted angrily to the remarks, forcing Mariga to step forward and get the musician off the stage fast. 


Is a senior political leader confirming the long-held fears about his lack of principle and position on national politics? It could be true if his moves in Kibra are anything to go by. The leader had at one point endorsed one candidate but he has now changed to back another from a party he has been opposing. Nitpickers say they will not be surprised if the leader shifts camp to have his party back another candidate in the 2022 vote. On Monday, the last day of campaigns, the politician, after suffering a backlash in his earlier plan to hit the ground on his own, deployed leaders from his community to campaign for the new team he seems to be cultivating, ostensibly for the next general election.

Some MCAs in a county in western Kenya are worried after the governor indicated he was going to sack about 300 health workers who had been employed six months ago. A ward representative whispers to Corridors that most of those to be fired had their employment influenced by the now-panicking MCAs. The lawmakers are, however, not worried that the health workers will be jobless soon. They are worried that they could be on their necks demanding refunds. The workers are said to have paid the MCAs up to Sh100,000 each to secure the hospital jobs. Now they want their money back.