US extradition over drugs trigger suspicion among friends

In Summary

• Ex-MP from Western becomes suicidal after getting broke

• Love bird CEC's left alone in WhatsApp group

Baktash Akasha Abdalla, Vijaygiri Anandgiri, Gulam Hussein and Ibrahim Akasha Abdalla at the Mombasa High Court on February 9.
Baktash Akasha Abdalla, Vijaygiri Anandgiri, Gulam Hussein and Ibrahim Akasha Abdalla at the Mombasa High Court on February 9.
Image: FILE

Has the information about senior government officials likely to be picked and extradited to the US to face drug-related charges caused suspicion among friends? Yes. Some top politicians and senior government officers were overheard complaining and blaming each other, more so top politicians who have visited and overstayed in America in the recent past, for travelling abroad to cut deals with authorities and in return “sell” out their colleagues. "Wacha tu! We shall name those dining in the US while selling out their brothers in crime," a furious ex-cop was overheard threatening to spill the beans. Top politicians, judges and businessmen are wanted in the US over drugs after they were named in the Akasha case.

The rich also cry. But no one seems to understand this famous saying better than a former MP from Western Kenya. The man, who unsuccessfully vied for a gubernatorial seat in the 2017 polls, is said to be so broke that he has become suicidal. The polygamous man has been looking for jobs, any job, to sustain his large family without success. Sources whispered to Corridors that he has even asked his former competitor to give him something to hang on. Those in the know wonder how the man spent his hefty pay during his days in the August House. One governor once remarked that there is no romance in poverty.

Did a nominated MCA in Nairobi fake a disability to get the job? This is the question some ward representatives were overheard asking themselves at City Hall. The MCAs said their colleague, who was nominated to represent the special interest group (people with disability), could not walk and was only wheeled to the chamber during the swearing-in in September 2017. According to the MCAs, that was the last time their colleague was on a wheelchair. So, did the MCA fake a disability to deceive the party officials to give him the job? Or was it a plan the party officials were well aware of?

Two embattled executives in a Nyanza county have been left alone in a WhatsApp group after a bitter exchange with other executives. The two, who also love birds, have been operating as ‘superior’, citing an alleged closeness with the county chief. Eight other CEC members have now created a new WhatsApp group where they deliberate on county matters, locking out the two, who face corruption allegations. The pair is blamed for sabotage and petty infighting within the county cabinet and derailing the implementation of development projects. At one point, they were allegedly under instruction to monitor operations of their colleagues and that of the deputy governor. In the past, the duo has also been put on the spot after they were accused by the management of a high-end hotel of failing to pay for the room they have been having 'sweet time'.