Who is doing what and where in the world of politics

In Summary

• A senior State House official could be on the verge of losing his job over information leaks

• A youthful CEC from Nyanza is yet to learn the ropes on balancing political ambitions with loyalty to the governor

President Uhuru Kenyatta at the burial of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.
President Uhuru Kenyatta at the burial of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso.
Image: PSCU

Is a senior State House official on the verge of being fired? The official is said to be the cause of serious cracks roiling the House on the Hill and that President Uhuru Kenyatta is said to be unhappy about his conduct. The high-ranking official has been accused of causing confusion in the administrative structures and reporting lines, making himself the de facto head with unfettered powers. Some claim he has also been the source of information leaks that have found their way into the mainstream media. In some instances, the official has been accused of planting stories through some renowned female media personalities known to brag of solid contacts with him.

A county executive member from one of the Nyanza counties, who was reinstated by the governor after his dismissal a few months ago, hasn't learned from his mistakes, it has emerged. Not knowing that governors require their ministers to be of unquestioning loyalty, the CEC has again started meeting the county chief's known political adversaries. Reason? He is looking for political backing for a second stab at a parliamentary seat in his native constituency. While some of the governor's known enemies could be key in his parliamentary campaigns, the youthful CEC is yet to learn the right time to strike and thinks every day is politics. Couldn't the young man be staring at another disgraceful exit from the county cabinet? Worry not for he has cooked his own goose.

A well-known wheeler-dealer from Western Kenya has panicked. The conman who has been defrauding investors millions of shillings is on the police radar and it is only a matter of days before he is nabbed. After failing in mudslinging the name of a young, ambitious and well of politician from the Rift Valley in a business he had no idea about, he has now resorted to propaganda. The businessman with dubious business connections has no known physical office address despite posing as a millionaire while living large. In one of the deals, he was approached by a female broker who claimed of a deal gone sour despite having received her share of the bargain. The woman thought that he could use his connections to reach out to the investors she had brought to the flashy politician. However, hell broke loose when the whole matter turned into a scandal forcing her to report to the DCI.

A county executive from a county in the North Rift is being accused of embarrassing her boss after dishing out market stalls to her relatives. The market in question had been shut down two years ago ostensibly for repairs but apparently, the closure was meant to allocate part of the stalls to locals because previously it was dominated by non-locals. It has now emerged that the CEC is considering to resign after it was discovered that she irregularly allocated to stalls to her sister and brother. The executive was busted by an activist who called the sister claiming to be a county official sent to inspect the stalls. Unknowingly, the woman was recorded admitting to being the CEC's sister. The recording was sent to the area governor.

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