Corridors of Power

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso
Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso
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The absence of Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso from office has exposed how incapable some senior staff are to be left to run county affairs. It is said that some staff no longer report to their offices as expected as there is no one who seems to care about the running of government functions anymore. One of the staff was overheard saying "I only respect the governor. These other ones can't do anything to me." The deputy governor who is thought of and expected to stamp his authority as the second in command by putting things in order seems hapless as he has been overpowered by savage cartels keen on frustrating him with a view to bringing him down. Another senior county official who is also expected to help in managing the county has taken a leave leaving the deputy governor alone to battle the war.

The husband of a female MP from Mt Kenya region recently landed in trouble. Those in the know have told Corridors that the man had taken his second wife whom he has been hiding from the MP to give birth at a high-end city hospital. Either by good or bad luck, the MP who was accompanied by her daughter walked into them at the maternity wing. Confrontation and drama ensued as both the legislator and her daughter took turns in confronting the man.

What is going on in Nairobi's Eastleigh area? It is reported that a gang of some individuals calling themselves hawkers have teamed up with officers from Inspectorate department to frustrate shop owners. Just last weekend, the rogue team of about 12 individuals are said to have asked each hawker to contribute Sh5,000 so that they are allowed to sell their goods along the busy 5th Street. It is said the more than 300 hawkers contributed the amount which was shared amongst the gang members. Shop owners want Governor Sonko to intervene and bring an end the menace since hawkers have occupied the front of their shops and cannot be evicted because they have paid protection fee.

A Cabinet Secretary is on the radar of detectives who are said to be trailing his conduct with foreign nationals who have time and again become beneficiaries of tenders in his ministry. It is reported that on several occasions, the CS who is known to backbite his colleagues hardly reports to the office but he is spotted in hotels within Nairobi in company of the foreign businessmen who are said to be delivering kickbacks to him and cutting new deals. His days are so numbered that the powers that be have been informed of a looming arrest.