Corridors of Power

Why Ruto and Kibicho are fighting

In Summary

• Kibicho Ruto war linked to confidential expenditure.

• A first-time Jubilee MCA from Mt Kenya has shocked his colleagues by his overnight riches and lavish lifestyle.

Interiori PS Karanja Kibicho.
Interiori PS Karanja Kibicho.
Image: FILE

 The cold war between Deputy President William Ruto and Interior PS Karanja Kibicho is far from over and could go a notch higher in days to come. A small bird has told Corridors that Ruto's allies are planning to petition President Uhuru Kenyatta to take disciplinary action against Kibicho, if indeed the Head of State has not endorsed the scheme by the Interior ministry to cut the DP down to size ahead of 2022. But what really is the contention? Sources say it could be linked to confidential expenditure domiciled in the giant ministry. It is whispered that Kibicho, as the accounting officer, has refused to authorise the release of the funds. It is said officials have complained that Ruto has so many functions, sometimes running for a whole week, and facilitation will translate into lots of cash expended.

A first-time Jubilee MCA from Mt Kenya has shocked his colleagues with his overnight riches and lavish lifestyle. The ward representative, who only owned a Toyota Allion when he was elected two years ago, is now eating life with a big spoon. He has acquired a multimillion-shilling property in a neighbouring county and drives a Range Rover. He rarely attends plenary or committee meetings and recently told fellow MCAs he is positioning himself for the county’s top seat in 2022. Well, make hay while the sun still shines.

The inner circle of a flamboyant governor from Eastern is in trouble, if a conversation overheard by Corridors in an upmarket bar is anything to go by. It also appears the days of a long-serving powerful official in the governor's office are numbered. A new team comprising of an adviser, a party official and some county ministers brags it has taken over the running of the county and the governor's political affairs. The team claims to have the blessings of the governor’s family to frustrate the official and make him resign or prepare the ground for his dismissal. It was unclear whether the team has the governor's blessings.

City police and askaris seem to have turned a blind eye to an unmarked black SUV that's always parked on pavements, mostly along Kenyatta Avenue, for almost a year now. Residents fear that should the vehicle be involved in a traffic offence, it will be difficult to identify it if the driver leaves the scene. Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai owes Nairobians an explanation.