Corridors of Power

By Political Desk

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Deputy President William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto

Are some politicians from Western collecting money from a key figure in the region to throw tantrums at Deputy President William Ruto? A key ally of the DP has argued that the lawmakers who have been on an all-out onslaught against Ruto are the bigwig’s frequent visitors at his expansive home located in the outskirts of Nairobi. The politicians are said to drive there at night to get ‘facilitation’ before convening daytime press conferences to hit out at the DP. Some of Ruto’s allies are plotting to expose the money hungry MPs through secret recordings of their confessions. The Ruto wingers have already warned the Western politicians of dire consequences if they continue taking bribes to insult the DP.

Where do personal assistants of some big fish in government get powers to boss around employees in government departments they serve? Some PAs are said to wield more powers than even their bosses. There are two notorious ones. One is based at the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the other at the Interior ministry. Instead of serving as an aide to ease the work of their bosses and those who need the attention of their master, they act as a wall blocking anyone who would like to get the attention of the boss. But whether this is sanctioned by their bosses or just sheer overzealousness is what Corridors couldn't authenticate. As if that is not enough, their arrogance and chest thumping is what many are seeing as pain and contrary to ethics that guide public servants.

One judicial officer has become the talk of town. The judge is whispered to be walking around with judgments for the last one year. The judge known to be lazy by his colleagues has been appearing in court and declaring that he will give judgments "on notice". This has gone on for the last last 12 months. Unbeknown to some petitioners, the judge has been peddling the judgments to the highest bidders before they are released officially.

Just how are MCAs supposed to carry out their oversight function in county governments whereas they are too cosy with governors? Corridors has learnt that some governors are no longer visiting their county headquarters. The reason is to run away from blackmail and extortion that many MCAs have mounted against the county bosses as an incentive to pass or reject executive legislation or budgets.  Some governors were overheard complaining that once they are in office, MCAs camp in the corridors. They are unable to attend to their day to day function of running counties. The MCAs demand handouts so that they can look the other way on accountability issues in the executive. Could this be the key driver of devolved graft?