EACC chief executive Twalib Mbarak. /COURTESY
EACC chief executive Twalib Mbarak. /COURTESY

Is a flamboyant governor playing to the gallery with his anti-corruption crusade. The man known for bragging about him being the cleanest governor is in the eye of a storm following complaints from the elderly, mostly widows from the Indian community, who accuse him of presiding over a well-dedicated blackmail and extortion ring to disinherit them their property. The man takes advantage of numerous complaints from the community seeking protection of their property. He comes in as a helper but in turn demands protection fee. The man at times stages threats against the community so that he can jump in as a saviour. Some of the incidents have been reported to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he is said to have great influence on some individuals. The community now hopes the EACC boss Twalib Mbarak will ensure justice is done.

When will Cabinet Secretaries who accompany the President on state visits learn lessons? Two CSs – Foreign Affairs Monica Juma and Education's George Magoha - accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta on a four-day State Visit to Mauritius. But even as the two Presidents engaged, the two were seen with their hands folded. A small table that had been provided for them to put notebooks was empty as they watched the two presidents engage in talks. What many were asking is whether they memorised all that was discussed. It was not the first time such a show was witnessed.

A senior banker is said to have heavily compromised police bosses in Nairobi’s Eastlands area after grabbing public land.  The officers are to ensure squatters earlier living on the controversial land do not protest or hold any demonstration against the tycoon.  The banker who has registered the land in a company he co-owns with the wife works for a government institution and was heard bragging that he is untouchable. A junior police officer in one of the stations in Eastlands confided to Corridors that his bosses ‘washakula vizuri.’ Whatever that means….

That ODM was taught a great lesson in the Ugenya by-election is no longer news but the repercussions has left Nyanza leaders divided on the manner they should handle campaigns for elective seats. The split is so wide that some members have resorted to insults to rebuff pressure from those who think the party employed a flawed strategy. A first-term MP has been singled out in the bid to discipline those who are believed to have erred. The lawmakers' WhatsApp group is currently sizzling with the blame and insults.