First Lady to lead prayers against LGBTQ 'onslaught' on family

She said LGBTQ is a threat to family values, forbidden by the Bible

In Summary

Family that prays together stays together.

First Lady sets up a Faith Diplomy Office to spread the Word of God countrywide. 

First Lady Rachael Ruto fellowshiping at St. Thomas Athi Catholic Church in Maua, Meru County.
First Lady Rachael Ruto fellowshiping at St. Thomas Athi Catholic Church in Maua, Meru County.

The LGBT community continues to be condemned countrywide as First Lady Rachel Ruto on Sunday declared it a threat to the institution of the family.

Mama Rachel who spoke in Meru county where she attended a church service said the LGBTQ debate is threatening the family structure. 

"We want to strengthen the family institution where we have a father, a mother and children. LGBTQ is forbidden even in the Bible and the African culture. Let us hold on to family values," she said.

The First Lady has already created a Faith Diplomacy Office which, she says, will be spreading a praying culture across the country.

And she told off critics, saying the new regime was propelled to power by prayers.

"We as a people love praying and we got into government through prayers, we can't say we won't be praying after all that happened to us," she said.

She said the Faith Diplomacy Office will take prayers to the rest of the country and that a programme has been crafted "to ensure family values are protected." 

"I would like us to pray on matters of family. The family has become an institution that has been very much attacked. If the mother and father are not peacefully together, then the children will have problems," Mama Rachel said.

The First Lady said many children are getting lost in worldly pleasures because families are no longer stable. "That's why we will stand with families through prayers and by visiting schools to preach the word of God," she said. 

The First Lady said that if children are taught prayer and the word of God early enough in life, they will not let go of it as they grow.

She urged Kenyans to put more focus on matters of family, as the LGBTQ debate is threatening the family structure. 

On February 14, together with President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Mama Rachel held prayers at the Nyayo Stadium to pray for rain. 

In November 2022, Mama Rachel held a morning devotion with State House staff, saying prayers will be held regularly. 

In a statement, the First Lady said at the House on the Hill, they always start every week with a devotion.

"The beauty about dawn is, no matter how dark our dusks, we are often sure about having a chance to see the light again. And, that is God's intentional act of creation," she tweeted.

"That, no matter what challenges we're going through, there's always a chance at redemption. Mornings are for Hope."

(Edited by V. Graham)

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