Kisumu girl, 8, went out to the loo, never came back

When she left their house for the loo, someone called out to her and off she went. But who?

In Summary

• Her aunt has been searching nonstop.

• She left Serit and the family sleeping while she went to the market two months ago, early in the morning. When she returned, Serit had gone.

Serit Adhiambo Omwanda.
LITTLE GIRL GONE: Serit Adhiambo Omwanda.

Serit Adhiambo Omwanda was left sleeping at home by her aunt who went to the market in Kisumu's Nyalenda A area early morning.

When her aunt, a businesswoman, returned her niece was missing.

That was on September 15, almost two months ago.


Her aunt Agnes has been searching ever since, going from one town to another. No news.

"I have gone to Oyugis, Katito in Nyakach and other places when called to check on lost and found child. When such calls come, they give me hope, but my heart gets crushed when it turns out the child is not Serit. I'm just feeling sick," she said.

The case was reported at Kisumu police station, OB number 11/16/09/2020. No word from the police.

Agnes told the Star she has lived with Serit since she was two years old. She is now in Grade 1.

“How come when she was younger, she would go to school by herself as she went through ECDE but now that she's older, she goes missing?" her aunt asked.

Agnes took Serit and her sibling when their father, who was Agnes' brother, died.


In September she left Serit, a sibling and other family members sleeping as she went to the market.


When Sarit awoke, she was getting the kitchen ready for breakfast, then she stepped out to go to the loo. A stranger called her and off she went.

“I’m sure someone called her from the house. But who could do this painful thing?" she asked.

Who would call Serit from the safety of her house, and why?


Agnes has reported the missing girl on vernacular FM stations, put up posters and posted on social media. Nothing.

"I have tried all I can. A check with all my relatives has returned no answer. It is frustrating," her aunt said.

(Edited by V. Graham)