PS makes a killing during Covid-19

She is currently buying a house in a foreign country where she hopes to run to if the scandal is unearthed.

In Summary
  • She is at loggerheads with a parastatal chief who refused to play ball on her corrupt plots.
  • Her growing appetite for more money has seen her instigate a leadership crisis at state corporation.
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe
Image: FILE

A Principal Secretary in one the key government departments is the talk of the town after she made a killing during the Covid-19 pandemic through dubious deals. A little bird told Corridors that she is currently buying a house in a foreign country just in case the scandal breaks out and she needs somewhere to run to. Her growing appetite for more money has seen her instigate a leadership crisis at a state corporation, sponsoring negative articles in some of the media outlets after the parastatal chief refused to play ball on her corrupt proposals. Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe should keep his word and bring to book all those squandering Covid-19 funds.

Just what other evidence do police in Nyanza want in order to nail a county official who operates as if he is above the law? Well, Corridors is apprised of an unusual reluctance on the part of law enforcement who are treating a report on the man’s appetite for assault with kid’s gloves. It is said the boisterous officer is being shielded by a top cop in the county, rendering juniors powerless in their attempt to act on assault cases involving the man. The fellow has been threatening those who report him, including issuing death threats, but not a single day has he been reprimanded.


Just who is this senior government administrator who is protecting a cartel of crooked businessmen at Busia border who are involved in smuggling of charcoal from neighbouring Uganda? Well, Corridors was told that junior police officers have been doing their job as expected but their efforts go to waste because of this high-ranking government official in the county.  Recently, officers intercepted three trucks ferrying smuggled charcoal into the country but the vehicles were soon released following the intervention of the cartel. A businessman in the border town is said to be bragging how he bribed a government official to secure the release of his cargo.

A magistrate in one of the Nyanza counties shocked everyone when she refused to consider a payslip from a government parstatal, saying the parastatal is not recognised by the court and thus its document is inadmissible as security for bonds. The lady magistrate, it appeared, was not aware of the existence of the agency under the Water Ministry and no explanation could make her change her mind. The misunderstanding forced the suspect who was released on bond to remain behind bars for more days as relatives looked for a payslip from another government body. Maybe it is time judicial officers took refresher courses especially on the emerging trends in government structures.