Business as usual in finance despite fire, says Owili

Governor's reforms 'will not be torpedoed'

In Summary

• Government functions are running normally, despite the county losing lost four computers, two printers and two office chairs

Kisumu deputy governor Mathews Owili and his boss Anyang Nyong'o
Kisumu deputy governor Mathews Owili and his boss Anyang Nyong'o

Operations in the Kisumu finance office will not be disrupted by the recent fire outbreak, Deputy Governor Mathews Owili has said.

The fire broke out on the second floor of Prosperity House. It destroyed items in the finance office, which also hosts the directors of budgeting, accounting services, revenue and supply chain management.


However, Owili said government functions are running normally despite the county losing lost four computers, two printers and two office chairs.

Investigations will continue to unearth what or who might have caused the fire and the motive behind it,” he told the media yesterday, adding that CCTVs were on and are currently being reviewed.

Owili said Governor Anyang' Nyong'o, who is away in Abu Dhabi for the World Urban Forum, is deeply concerned with the happenings.

“The governor confirms that his reform agenda in the government and within the department of finance specifically, will not be torpedoed,” he said.

Residents who spoke to the Star suspected arson to cover up alleged misappropriation of funds.


Kisumu Residents Association chairman Audi Ogada said the timing of the fire was questionable. 

We want the issue to be investigated properly and the public to be told the truth if this is a cover-up on something,” he told the Star.

He said the civil society organisations are concerned with how the county government is being run. 

Issues of pending bills have brought untold suffering and pain among contractors and suppliers,” Audi said.