MP Baya blames Uhuru for sidelining Coast region

Says President mocked region by addressing nation from there without highlighting plans to jumpstart economy

In Summary

•MP Blames President for not keeping his word on reviving Coast economy

•Slams the President for not appointing any a Mijikenda to Cabinet

Kilifi North MP Owen Baya
PROTEST: Kilifi North MP Owen Baya

President Uhuru Kenyatta has no plans to resuscitate the collapsed economy of the Coast, Kilifi north MP Owen Baya has said.

The MP said the President mocked the region by addressing the nation from the region without highlighting any plans to jumpstart the economy.

“For the President to address the nation from Mombasa in the Coast region and not mention the disruption of the Coast economy by the SGR; Not to talk about the coastal crops, then the Coast region should know it is not part of the President’s plan," Baya SAID.


Baya said the region felt isolated everytime the President made a reshuffle in government.

“To make appointments in Cabinet, for Principal Secretaries and Chief Administrative Secretaries without even one Mijikenda, then we know we are not part of Kenya,” he added.

Baya said the President promised to go to Mombasa to chair a meeting and resolve the issues of the SGR but nothing had happened.

“You see the president has set aside funds to cushion the coffee, tea, milk and rice sectors so that they prosper. In the Coast fishermen are suffering because of the new law on fishing gear and they have been driven out of the sea and he has said nothing about the fishermen,” the MP said.

He called on leaders from the Coast region to unite and push for the recognition of cash crops from the region.