Disabled man crushed by bread van in Naivasha

He saw the van and shouted he wanted to eat before jumping in front of it

In Summary

• Witness says man used to jump into traffic whenever he saw a van ferrying bread or beverages but they saved him

• Transport on busy road halted until police arrived

Disabled man crushed by bread van in Naivasha
Disabled man crushed by bread van in Naivasha
Image: The Star

Transport along Moi Avenue in Naivasha was on Wednesday temporarily stopped after a mentally ill man was crushed to death by a van.

Witness Patrick Mutisya said the man, after seeing the van ferrying loaves of bread, shouted that he wanted to eat before jumping into the road. The van killed him on the spot. 

Mutisya said the driver of the van was caught unawares. The incident brought transport to a standstill on the busy road before police arrived. 


“He had a tendency of rushing to the road anytime he saw a vehicle ferrying bread or beverages and in most cases we saved him but this time he was so quick,” he said. 

Mutisya said the town had witnessed an increase in mentally ill people who positioned themselves at strategic locations and usually slept on verandahs of shops.

“We have been used to them although we have been assisting them where possible including finding their relatives,” he said.

Meanwhile, a family of three is fighting for their lives at the Naivasha Subcounty Hospital after their personal car hit a pickup near Delamere farm along Naivasha-Nakuru Highway.

Witness Mary Kimani said the driver of the car was trying to overtake a fleet of vehicles when he hit an incoming pick-up truck.

The driver of the pickup sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the same hospital.

Kimani said the driver of the car was to blame as "he didn't check to see whether the road was clear before leaving his lane".

Naivasha OCPD Samuel Waweru confirmed both incidents saying the body from the first incident was taken to the hospital’s mortuary while the mangled wrecks were towed to the police station.

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