Lamu OCS arrested over release of wanted drug kingpin

The drugs belonged to a trafficker well known to the police and residents

In Summary

•OCS who has been in Lamu for less than two years is said to frustrate war on drugs

•The recent consignment of bhang is believed to be worth millions

A senior police officer in Lamu has been arrested in connection with the release of a huge consignment of drugs that had been nabbed by officers.

A senior police officer in Lamu is being held by detectives in connection with the release of a massive consignment of drugs that had just been nabbed by officers. See story https://bit.ly/31x2PwD

Chief inspector Shadrack Mumo who is the OCS for Kizingitini police station is said to have released the haul and the owner, a wanted drug kingpin in the region.

He was arrested on Monday morning and held at Lamu police station.


The drugs were netted at the Mtangawanda jetty in Lamu East on Sunday at dawn while being transported by boat to Siyu in Lamu East before.

The bhang is said to belong to a notorious drug lord who is well known among the police and residents.

Once in Siyu, the bhang was to be given to peddlers who would sell it on behalf of the boss.

The arrest was confirmed by Lamu county police commander Muchangi Kioi who said they were interrogating the officer for more information.

“We have arrested one of our own, OCS Shadrack Mumo attacked to the Kizingitini police station concerning an incident where he released a drug consignment from his station on Sunday and allegedly released a wanted drug lord. That's how far we are willing to go in the war on drugs,” Kioi said.

Officers who wished to remain anonymous said the haul was handed to officers at the Kizingitini police station who allegedly demanded a Sh50,000 bribe from the owner.

“It was a lot of bhang, probably worth several millions. It was taken to Kizingitini police station but we later established the officers  allowed the bhang to enter the villages. These officers need to be probed and prosecuted for frustrating efforts to end the issue of drugs here,” the officer said.


Police in Lamu have numerously been accused of colluding with drug cartels by demanding bribes after which they allow the drug masters to conduct their trade as they wish.

According to Nacada, over 5,000 youth in Lamu are hooked on drugs.