Knut Central branch tells Sossion to quit or else...

In Summary

• Knut Secretary General Wilson Sossion wants TSC to be disbanded.

• TSC had deregistered Sossion in January last year.

KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion
KNUT Secretary-General Wilson Sossion
Image: FILE

 Knut Central region branch has urged national secretary general Wilson Sossion to step down within seven days, failing which they will forcibly remove him from office.

The officials claim calls by Sossion to have the Teachers Service Commission disbanded are uncalled for and do not represent the interest of teachers.

Kirinyaga county deputy secretary general Patrick Mwangi said Sossion is championing his own goals.

"The union should not be used as a tool to further selfish political interests," Mwangi said on Tuesday.

The unionists from the 10 branches in the region are oposed to having teachers' employment handed over to the Ministry of Education as it was before.

Sossion wants the TSC to be abolished and teachers' employment to be given back to the Ministry of Education.

Last month, the Employment and Labour Relations Court upheld TSC’s deregistration of Sossion as a teacher.

The decision was made by judge Nelson Abuodha.

TSC had deregistered Sossion in January last year.

The commission had written to Sossion and Kuppet chairman Omboko Milemba, informing them that they were no longer teachers.

“The commission has decided to terminate your services as a teacher with effect from January 15, 2018. It has been noted that you were nominated as a Member of Parliament yet the Commission has not received your resignation or retirement letter," TSC chief Nancy Macharia said.

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