DP Ruto surprised by Tuju's new role in Raila inner circle

In Summary

• Ruto on his twitter page said it is laughable at how Tuju has now become the chief strategist in Raila’s inner circle.

• Tuju says the move is accessioned by the fact that Raila has changed his political style.

DP WIlliam Ruto when he welcomed Former MP Mohamed Ahmed Kolosh to Jubilee party as Tuju clapped on.
DP WIlliam Ruto when he welcomed Former MP Mohamed Ahmed Kolosh to Jubilee party as Tuju clapped on.
Image: DPPS

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday chided Jubilee Sec Gen Raphael Tuju over his alleged new roles in Raila Odinga camp.

Ruto on his twitter page said it is surprising at how Tuju has now become the chief strategist in Raila’s inner circle.

“So our democracy is so liberal that the SG of the ruling party has become the chief strategist of the opposition!! Maajabu,” Ruto said.


This comes after Tuju on Saturday told the Daily Nation that he had made a passionate move that had put him in Raila’s inner circle.

This Tuju said was occasioned by Raila’s change of political style.

According to an article published by the publication, Tuju said his entry into Raila’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ is based on the quest by the handshake to unify the country.

That he said is the goal which is in tandem with his own beliefs.

He however said that his working with Raila should not be misconstrued as aimed at gaining political leadership in the region.

 “Any mobilisation against a tribe is not welcome in my scheme of thought. Right now the President is talking about the Big Four agenda plus fighting corruption and uniting the country and Raila is the interlocutor with the president as far as this is concerned,” Tuju told the Nation.

He added, “I have no interest whatsoever of becoming the governor of Siaya for example or MP for Rarieda. I have stated it before and I state it again. From the time I left active politics, I went back to private endeavors which kind of confine me to Nairobi.”


He said the handshake which President Uhuru and Raila have been spearheading is geared at uniting all Kenyans regardless of their ethnic orientation.

 “Inclusion does not mean exclusion of some people. There is enough space for all of us in this country. And anybody trying to say that because there is inclusion of Luos, Kalenjins are going to be marginalised is fear mongering. It is our collective responsibility to fix the problem we have caused,” he said.

Last month DP Ruto led a brigade of Jubilee legislators to caution Tuju against being misused to engage in activities that can create division and hatred among Kenyans.

Ruto said Jubilee was formed on the basis of uniting and developing the country adding that party officials should ensure they engage in activities that promote peaceful coexistence among all Kenyans.

 “Our party officials in Jubilee must know that they are managing our party that is responsible for the development of the country. And as party, we undertook to unite the country, eliminate ethnicity, hate and division and build the country on the basis of manifesto that brings development to all corners of this nation,” said  Ruto.

The legislators urged Tuju to resign for undermining the party from within. They dismissed his claims that the audio was a forgery.

“Tuju should stop undermining the unity of our party from within,” said Kapondi.

“It is very unfortunate that the Secretary General of Jubilee can talk and plan how to incite communities. This is unbelievable,” said Pukose.

 Barasa wondered why Tuju was engaging in divisive politics when the top leadership was keen to having a united country free from tribalism.

“You cannot be a Secretary General of a party that formed the Government and you are engaging in divisive politics. I tell Raphael Tuju that if you want to engage in divisive politics, you are in the wrong place,” said Barasa.

Earlier on, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi had accused Tuju and former Vice Chairman David Murathe of having become a liability to the party.

"Tuju and Murathe are rejects who should be removed from the party through elections," Sudi told the Star in Eldoret.

He said the two are being used to rock Jubilee from within and block DP Ruto from succeeding Uhuru in 2022.

"We brought Tuju into Jubilee, not because he had any support, but because we wanted to create a national face for the party. He is now baggage and should be removed," Sudi said.