Bloggers associated with ODM turn Siaya Senator James Orengo into a punching bag

In Summary

• Orengo is an ardent Raila supporter and offers pro bono services to the Orange party

• Gubernatorial aspirant's genitals burnt in stone crushing bid

Siaya senator James Orengo.
Siaya senator James Orengo.
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Why have some bloggers associated with ODM turned Siaya Senator James Orengo into a punching bag? Some MPs were overheard complaining that the trend is dangerous and is quickly turning the Orange party into a monolithic dictatorship where members are not allowed to have divergent views. It's this intolerance that a recent internal taskforce report warned against. In some of the online slur, the bloggers have alleged that Orengo is working for DP William Ruto. However, the senior counsel has been a fierce defender of Raila Odinga and has led many court battles for the ODM boss pro bono. Ironically, most of the bloggers attacking Bob, as the Senator is fondly referred to by his friends, are associated with some officials working with Raila. Orengo and his National Assembly counterpart John Mbadi recently opposed the new currency as unconstitutional. Then the attacks began. Mbadi quickly flip-flopped, leaving Orengo in the frying pan.

A former gubernatorial aspirant from a Western Kenya county is nursing burns at ‘areas that matter most’.  This is after what was to be a normal farm clearing exercise turned life-threatening. The politician is said to have disagreed with his workers on how best to break a rock, which was slowing a mega project he intended to carry out in a recently acquired plot. Moles told Corridors that the politician declined to pay Sh500 for the job as requested by farm managers.  Instead, he sought to break the rock himself, only for the petrol bought to assist in the exercise to spark a flame. Unable to bear the guilt, the politician, who was first admitted to a local hospital, was quietly transferred to his home at night from where he is being attended to by a private doctor.


The highly hyped plans to increase Kenya's forest cover from the current 7.2 per cent to 10 per cent by 2022 may not happen. Reason? A small bird at the Environment ministry whispered to Corridors that the budget had been trimmed, hence the ministry might not perform some of its activities. The small bird said, "The Kenya Forest Service plantation budget was cut by Sh200 million and that for climate change directorate activities slashed by Sh100 million." Urban rivers restoration will also be hampered by budget cuts. The official heaped the blame on MP Kareke Mbiuki's Environment committee, saying they failed terribly.

A second-term MCA in Nairobi is a very happy man. He has been all over the place bragging that he has finally "planted my man" at City Hall. The ward representative, Corridors of Power understands, is celebrating the swearing-in of his close ally to the powerful County Public Service Board. The board is in charge of hiring and firing of county employees. Last week, the MCA was overheard telling his colleagues that he had finally made a landmark breakthrough.