Too early to rate Uhuru's Big Four legacy

In Summary

• Cohesion and national unity could be Kenyatta's biggest legacy.

• You cannot rate a politicians achievement before he completes his term in office

President Uhuru Kenyatta
President Uhuru Kenyatta
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The litmus test on President Uhuru Kenyatta's legacy has mainly focussed on the Big Four Agenda

However, three things will rate the president's legacy.

His economic blueprint where the four agenda sits, cohesion and uniting the country and finally the fight against corruption.

So far what we have seen is that the president's focus on the four pillars of the Big Four has been quite keen.

From the pilot on the Universal Health Care to affordable housing, his economic plan is on course.

Now there is a lot of criticism around the whole agenda but it is very unfair for us to make head or tail of whether the Big Four is going to be part of his legacy.

Just like former President Mwai Kibaki's administration whose fruits  are now clear through the expansion of road networks with Thika Road as the perfect example.

You cannot rate a politician in two years. To be fair we need to let Uhuru finish his term before talking of the agenda's success.

In bringing the country together the President has made a milestone.

You can remember the period before the elections when political tension was quite high. It was a standoff that lasted through his first term and a few months into his second term.

However, the bold step of the handshake ended all this. To me, cohesion could be the biggest achievement of President Kenyatta Something all the former presidents failed to achieve.

Unlike the previous commissions and task-forces like the TJRC, the Building Bridges Initiative could be one of the president's biggest achievements.

This is because previous commissions have not received political goodwill from both sides of the divide. But for BBI, it has both Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta's support and  that is a big move.

Political goodwill will go a long way in ensuring cohesion and this could be the president's biggest achievement.

The president has been on the front line in his second term in the fight against corruption. The fight took off on a high note but then plateaued.

No country in the world has managed to get rid of corruption completely even China which has a big price on those found guilty.

However, for me the biggest achievement is that the President should be putting a price on corruption.

The president needs to give corruption a price and a hefty one for this case.


Ngunjiri Wambugu (The writer is  Nyeri Town member of parliament)