Naivasha police nab two suspected witchdoctors

Residents say they claim to be from Tanzania and can cure any disease

In Summary

• Dead chicken, snake skin found in one house.

• Chief says crackdown will proceed until all conmen are arrested. 

A file photo of a witchdoctor's tools
HUNT: A file photo of a witchdoctor's tools
Image: /FILE

Police in Naivasha on Friday started hunting for witchdoctors, mainly in Karagita estate.

The area is home to tens of flower farm workers.

During the early morning raid, two suspects were arrested. Strange items, including snake skins and dead chicken were found in one of the houses.

The raid follows complaints from residents that the suspects, who claimed to have come from Tanzania, could cure all kinds of diseases, including impotency and financial problems.

Last year, residents raided several homes from which the witchdoctors were operating and destroyed their items.

In the latest incident, one witchdoctor had conned a woman, saying he would help her get a good paying job in a flower farm.

Elder John Wachira said the promise did not come to pass and the woman demanded back the Sh2,000 she had given the sorcerer.

“The witchdoctor became arrogant and threatened to kill her baby using his powers. Police were informed of the threats,” he said.

Chief Hassan Guyo said the crackdown will continue until security agents get rid of the conmen.

He admitted tens of residents, including well-known individuals, had been conned.

“We have received several complaints about these witchdoctors, and we have taken action to make sure that we get rid of them,” he said.

Guyo expressed concern over an emerging criminal gang in the estate comprising young motorcycle operators. He said they need to be tamed.

He said the majority of the operators had dropped from school and were smoking bhang. Accidents involving motorcycles are becoming the norm, Guyo said.

“We have seen an emergence of underage youths riding motorcycles, and they are very vulgar and violent and hence the need to address this,” he said.

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