Money stolen in four ATM's - Barclays confirms

In Summary

• Some Sh11.2 million stolen from four ATM in what appears to be an organised theft ring.

• Banks says customers can withdraw.

One of Barclay's Bank's ATM machine
One of Barclay's Bank's ATM machine
Image: FILE

Barclays Bank of Kenya has confirmed theft in four of its ATM machines in Nairobi.

In the last three days, a total of Sh11.2 million was stolen from several Barclays ATMs in what appears to be an organised theft ring.

In a press statement, the banks said, "We are working with investigative authorities to ensure that the perpetrators of the crime are brought to justice".


Further, the bank's management has reassured its customers that they can continue to access transaction services in its ATMs across the country.

At KNH, Sh4.3 million was stolen from the Barclays ATM on Friday night at 11pm.

A G4S staffer named Wilson Mzedi reported the incident to the Capital Hill police station in Kilimani, saying the company got a report from the hospital complaining the ATM was not working.

 When a maintenance officer was sent to the site, it was established that the ATM had been tampered with and Sh4.3 million stolen. 

In another incident, another G4S officer, Nickson Oluoch, reported that the company was sent to Mater Hospital on Saturday to service a Barclays ATM, but on arrival at 9am, it was found the machine had been tampered with and Sh1 million withdrawn.

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