Why Nairobi Hospital cholera victim died

Sources say hospital took too long to give him adequate treatment

In Summary

• Waiter at high-end hospital left home ill and headed straight to staff clinic within hospital

• He was put on inadequate drip that could not replace lost body fluids

Nairobi Hospital
ON A SPOT: Nairobi Hospital
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A Nairobi Hospital staff died of cholera on Monday due to negligence and mismanagement, the Star has learned.

The waiter at the high-end hospital is said to have left home in Nairobi’s Umoja estate and headed straight to the staff clinic within the hospital.

Sources said the waiter complained of severe diarrhoea and headache. He was treated and stool samples taken for tests.

The results were positive for cholera,  well-placed sources at the hospital said.

He was admitted at St Francis ward in the hospital and put on a drip.

But the drip was not adequate to replace the water he had lost. Nurses took long to add him more drips to replace lost body fluids.

Reports from the hospital say two other staff were admitted in the intensive care unit while 12 were admitted at St Andrews ward.

The hospital gave an update on the disease outbreak on Tuesday.

“We have established that in the last 10 days the hospital admitted, offered treatment and discharged 23 cholera patients. Eight of those reported cases were from The Nairobi Hospital staff,” acting CEO Chris Abeid said in a statement .