#ResistHousingFundLevy: KOT say it's a scam to loot more money

In Summary

• The housing fund levy is part of Uhuru's Big 4 Agenda.

• Kenyans on Twitter say it is a scam to loot more money.

Kenyans on Twitter have called to resist the housing fund levy
Kenyans on Twitter have called to resist the housing fund levy
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Kenyans on Twitter have shared their opposition against the housing fund levy under the hashtag #ResistHousingFundLevy.

This came after The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works directed employers to deduct 1.5 per cent of staff salaries and remit them to KRA by  May 9.

However, the FKE executive director Jacqueline Mugo on Tuesday said the organisation obtained a court order on April 8 suspending implementation of the tax until the mention of the case on May 20.


Many quoted the Kenya Subsidiary Legislation, stating that it is a travesty.

"A person who LOOTS 5 billion or even more of this housing Levy Fund will be only FINED KSH10,000 or imprisoned for 2years". This is a travesty of the century. The thieves have already set their lenient punishment ahead of looting. Unbelievable!” tweeted Lord Abraham Mutai.

Others have mentioned that this levy is not going to benefit the poor, while others have questioned what has happened to the Kibera housing scheme and other projects the government had promised.

Obuki tweeted, “I say NO to the Housing Levy Fund it needs to be amended. The poor will not benefit. Details in the prints”

“This is a big joke. What will stop guys from looting the fund? Questions Kenyans have forgotten: What happened to Kibera housing scheme? What happened to stadia? What happened to BRT buses? What happened to laptops?”  Musonye tweeted.

Kaya said, “[the] government needs to solve more pressing issues first like drought and hunger which have plagued this nation for decades...the floods to come have still not been planned for, yet this housing levy was made law just last year by this same looting lot.”

“[Kenyatta] has failed to build good HOUSES FOR THE POLICE and the Brave men who guard this country and for some reason he says he will build houses for Millions of us Kenyan? And we believe that?” tweeted Kensington.

This is another ploy to fleece Kenyans of their hard earned cash. The thieves have changed tactics; they don't break the houses anymore. They sweet talk us to give us the items their need.

Chekata said, “This housing fund scam is meant to benefit a few cartels in the name of building houses for poor Kenyans. What happened to the Kibera/Highrise houses for the poor to start with?”

“A government that has [failed] to build 150k houses for 150k police officers is here saying that it will build 45 million houses for 45 million Kenyans. This one doesn't even need mathematics. Anyway, let's support the [big 4 agenda] tumalize hii safari pamoya (lets complete this trip),” tweeted Bosire.

Other Twitter users have called the levy a scam and have called for a protest if it goes through.

“This housing levy is a real scam by the government, even mortgage is voluntary. Why do they want to force is to invest in a white elephant? We know them! Mashamba za kujenga hizi nyumba ziko wapi Na waliiba? (Where are the houses to build these houses and where they stole?)” tweeted Sue.

“We need to hit the streets if they force this thing down our throats – daytime robbery - this could lead to a massive loss of jobs [because] most employers cannot sustain it,” Fred tweeted.

Some, however, have shown support towards the introduction of the levy.

“Kenyans want services but refuse to sacrifice a coin for the same. They like misinterpreting everything just to prove their misunderstanding. Having modern houses will guarantee Kenyans safety, clean environment and a dream lifestyle,” tweeted Kilui.

The Housing levy is part of President Uhuru Kenyatta's Big Four agenda to build 500,000 affordable units in five years. It would see a 1.5 per cent mandatory levy on a worker’s gross salary with a monthly maximum deduction of Sh2,500 for individuals earning a basic salary of Sh166,000 and above.