Man sues Moi Girls for suspending daughter over daydreaming in class

The students were not being taught as there was a staff meeting

In Summary

•Schoolgirl sent home despite sessions of counselling and spiritual guidance

•Father wants the school compelled to lift the suspension and allow his child to resume her studies


A man has sued Moi Girls School, Nairobi, for sending his daughter home for allegedly daydreaming in class even after subjecting her to counselling sessions. 

He says he was called by the principal on January 21 to collect his daughter on allegations of indiscipline.

After inquiry, he learnt that on the particular day the students were without a teacher as there was a staff meeting.


It was alleged that his daughter was daydreaming and when she woke up, her colleagues shouted at her. This caused her distress, shock and confusion, compelling her to leave the classroom.

Subsequently, the principal asked the parents to take her to Amani Counselling Centre and to a church for spiritual help. The father obliged.

The girl was again suspended on February 8 on allegations over unspecified gross misconduct. The parents were again told to take her for further counselling.

She was taken to Amani Counselling Centre and after the first session, the counsellor recommended that she be taken back to school as she was fit.

"On arrival, I met the principal's secretary at the school compound in the company of a counsellor who told me that the petitioner (the minor) was dreaming in class and left class in a hurry," the complainant says.

The secretary and the counsellor, without any justification, insisted that the girl should be taken to Kenyatta National Hospital youth centre for counselling, he says.

The father accuses the school of denying his child the right to take her term one exams between March 18 and April 1. He is apprehensive that the girl might not be re-admitted in time for the second term if the court does not intervene.


The man, who we cannot name to protect the minor, believes the school has violated the right of his daughter to basic education.

He complains that he is forced to hire a private tutor to teach her at home during her indefinite suspension, thus incurring extra cost despite paying school fees.

The father wants the court to compel the school to lift the suspension and allow his child to resume her education.

edited by f. mwaniki