Nandi Education official faces sacking

Accused of incompetence, lack of accountability, skewed bursary disbursements

In Summary

• Nandi assembly adopted Education committee report recommending Chumo's impeachment for incompetence

• Chumo blames her predecessor 


Nandi Education executive Valentine Chumo in bad books of some MCAs who want her sacked
IN BAD BOODS? Nandi Education executive Valentine Chumo in bad books of some MCAs who want her sacked
Image: Barry Salil

A showdown is looming at the Nandi county assembly following a split over planned impeachment of Education executive Valentine Chumo over allegations of incompetence and irregularities.

MCAs want to the anti-corruption web to be expanded to seize all those behind massive misappropriation of the department’s kitty since 2017.

Some MCAs blame Chumo'spredecessor Stanley Baliach. He is currently the  Water and Lands executive moved after a mini-reshuffle Six months ago.

The MCA for Kaptel/Kamoiywo ward Pius Sing’oei defended Chumo, saying the majority of the representatives were not consulted when the assembly adopted a report to impeach her.

She has denied responsibility and said any misconduct took place under her predecessor.

The Education and vocational training assembly committee under chairman Ol’Lessos MCA Emmanuel Rono tabled the report calling for the CEC's sacking.

The committee cited the skewed disbursement of county bursaries during 2018-19 in which the department was allocated Sh60 million.

The report said they had recommended to the executive to double the kitty funds to Sh120 million, but the recommendation was not acted upon. They blamed the CEC.

Bursary distribution was also questioned as the CEC could not provide names and details of all beneficiaries to the Education committee.

“We demand the assembly physically see the list and visit some beneficiaries to confirm what might be in the government's records,” the report said.

The committee also said constructions of 120 ECD centres had stalled despite the county supplying building materials. Some, like hundreds of bags of cement, have deteriorated and gone to waste while other materials apparently have been diverted.

No records are available on the status of materials, the committee said.

While passing a vote of no-confidence against the CEC member, the committee said she gave a contradicting report to the assembly over the number and status of the ECDs and vocational training centres.

“The committee demands tender, procurement details, and dispatch and delivery documents to various centres because the CEC doesn’t have knowledge of their existence,” the report says.