Be fair to small traders, Governor Ottichilo told

Official decries harassment by county revenue staff

In Summary
  • Some traders are beaten and their goods confiscated.
  • Nyanje says small traders are an important source of revenue for the county
Vihiga Governor Wilbur Ottichilo
PETITIONED: Vihiga Governor Wilbur Ottichilo
Image: FILE

The newly-elected Vihiga chamber of commerce chairman Billy Nyonje has asked the county government to use proper ways of collecting revenue from small businesses.     

Nyonje asked the county not to oppress the small businesses, saying they are a major source of income.

He said revenue officers use excessive force to collect the tax. He spoke in Luanda market on Friday.

“Let’s have a proper procedure to collect this revenue from our people rather than harassing them,” Nyonje said.

He said the county government should replace enforcement officers with staff who will advise on how to pay taxes.

“I have experienced the worst with these officers within our markets in Vihiga county. When you have not paid the tax they harass you. Some traders are beaten and there goods confiscated,” Nyonje said.