Samburu school caught up in row over ownership of two acres

Samburu resident Solomon Wanyeki on Friday, March 8, 2019. /MARTIN FUNDI
Samburu resident Solomon Wanyeki on Friday, March 8, 2019. /MARTIN FUNDI

The National Land Commission has been called upon to intervene following

a row between Lmutaro Primary School and the neighbouring community over the ownership of two acres.

This comes after elders, the county government and local administration failed to amicably solve the land issue.

A section of the 8.7 acre piece of land owned by the school is also being claimed by the community.

The community claims to have donated land for establishment of a learning institution and says the school illegally extended its boundaries without consulting owners.

The community is now accusing the school’s management of colluding with individuals to defraud them.

“People are using the school to forcibly take away more land from a person who voluntarily donated his land for establishment of the school and that is not right,” resident Solomon Wanyeki said.

However, the school’s chairman, Simon Lemeteki, said the institution legally owns the land.

“The school has a letter from the former county council authorising it to own the 8.7 acre piece of land. We measured the land and a conflict ensued later as the school was preparing to fence,” he said.

Maralal chief Dominic Lemapara said a meeting will be called with surveyors, representative officers from the Ministry of Lands and the county commissioner to find a long lasting solution.