Ruto London lecture to tackle devolution, unity

Deputy President William Ruto.
Deputy President William Ruto.

Deputy President William Ruto

is scheduled

to deliver a lecture at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House on Friday this week.

Ruto’s press secretary David Mugonyi yesterday said the DP will also give another public lecture at Warwick University.

“Yes the DP will be travelling to London. He has been invited to give a talk at Warwick University on Saturday and he will also give an address at Chatham,” he told the Star on phone.

Ruto’s lecture at Chatham

will be on Kenya’s national unity and regional integration: Challenges of Inclusion, Growth and Change. According to the London based non-profit, non-governmental organisation whose mission is to analyse and promote the understanding of major international issues and current affairs, there are still challenges facing the full implementation of the 2010, Constitution.

“As Kenya approaches the end of the first decade since it adopted a new constitution in 2010, establishing a

comprehensive picture of the political and economic implications of these sweeping reforms remains challenging. While devolution has created a structure of 47 counties that can support broader enterprise, investment, job creation and revenue generation, a number of county governments have struggled to generate expected revenues,” the organisations notes on its website.

“At this event, William Ruto, Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, will reflect on the challenges of managing change in a diverse country, and the outlook ahead for both Kenya and the wider region,”it says. Ruto will also meet Kenyans in the UK.

Kenya’s High commissioner to UK and former State House spokesman Monoah Esipisu has invited at least 1000 people to attend.

Meanwhile then DP yesterday said Jubilee party has two main agendas, national unity and development for all Kenyans.

He was speaking yesterday afternoon at Ndaragwa stadium during a fundraiser in aid of Ndaragwa town ACK Church.

Quoting the Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes, he said it’s now time for development, not politics. “Even the bible says there is time for everything under the sun. Those other things shall come at their own time,” he said

Ruto said all national government entities must ensure an up to date, accurate and real time information of implementation of all projects including markets, water, roads and hospitals among others.

He directed the Nyandarua county commissioner, Boaz Cherutich, to form a county committee to monitor the progress of the projects in Nyandarua and keep an updated progress report. If any project has stagnated, the reason must be clearly stated so a solution is found as the Jubilee agenda must be achieved.

“All the government officers in the county must work under that committee so that we harmonise all the programs to ensure proper reporting system for these projects to be successfully implemented because we want to ensure all the promises we made under the JP manifesto and the President’s Big Four Agenda are fulfilled,” he said

He said he is the President’s right hand man who vowed to help him achieve his vision in transforming the country, adding in this, the support of members of parliament, MCAs and county governments is required. Defending the government

The DP defended the government against constant accusation by Nyandarua leaders and residents that it has done nothing despite giving numerous pledges during the campaigns. He said an MOU was reached between JP leadership and people of Nyandarua “here at this stadium (Ndaragwa), that Uhuru shall form an action oriented government that shall deliver all we promised”. Ruto enumerated what the government has done, and is doing for Nyandarua.

Among the issues he touched on is that they promised over 300kms of roads. He said Loliondo-Captain road is half way tarmacked, and Tumaini –Mawingu road is ongoing.

Recently, he said, he launched the Kirima-Ndinda and Kirima-Engineer roads, whlle on November he launched Captain-Ndemi-Wanjohi-Ndunyu Njeru road.

Upgrading works has not commenced it will be done in the next few weeks as the contractors have been paid and few challenges that existed including licensing.