Four staff of DusitD2 died in terror attack, three seriously injured

Dusit D2 Hotel Nairobi general manager Michael Metaxas during a press briefing in Nairobi on January 17, 2019. /ENOS TECHE
Dusit D2 Hotel Nairobi general manager Michael Metaxas during a press briefing in Nairobi on January 17, 2019. /ENOS TECHE

The management of DusitD2 has said that it lost four staff members in the Tuesday terror attack.

General manager Michael Metaxas said three other workers were admitted to various hospitals with injuries.

"From the 100 employees who were on duty during the attack, we can confirm that four lost their lives. Three are receiving treatment," Metaxas told reporters on Thursday.

The hotel has in the meantime suspended its operations to give room for investigations into the attack that left a total of 21 people dead and scores of others injured.

Metaxas commended security officers for what he termed "an impeccable job" in saving the lives of staff and guests.

"Everybody arrived swiftly. The response was impeccable and the investigations so far are commendable," he said.

Metaxas declined to reveal the actual number of guests who were booked at the hotel at the time of the attack, saying it was sensitive information.

He said security officers had asked the management not to reveal the number.

"We had a number of events at the hotel but I can't reveal what type of conferences were there," he said.

Metaxas said they did not have intelligence report about the attack. He said the hotel might not have been the actual target of the terrorists.

"They came and shot randomly. We can't say we were the target," he said.

He said DusitD2 management and the 14 Riverside community have unarmed officers who secure the area in shifts.

"We will assess the response and security arrangement and take necessary action," Metaxas said.

Metaxas said all guests were safely evacuated to neighbouring hotels and that the facility had been closed down until further notice.

"As investigations continue, we will be sharing more information as it becomes available," he said.

He said they will support families of staff who died and those admitted to hospitals.

He dismissed claims that the hotel's emergency exits were locked at the time of the attack making it difficult for staff and guests to escape.

"I commend our staff who ensured that they guided the guests to safety during the unfortunate incident. A lot of our staff are heroes," Metaxas said.

He said their security evacuation plan and training helped employees to minimise casualties.

The manager was away in India when the terrorists struck on Tuesday but flew back immediately when he learnt of the incident.

“The last 48-hours, have marked an unfortunate moment in all our lives as a nation and as a business. It has been a rather traumatic experience, that we would wish to erase from our minds but we cannot afford to forget,” the management said in earlier statement to the media.



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