Kabogo lashes out at Murathe over Ruto 2022 bid

Kiambu governor William Kabogo
Kiambu governor William Kabogo

The remarks attributed to Jubilee vice chairman and President Uhuru Kenyatta's right hand man David Murathe that the party has no pact to support Deputy President William Ruto in the 2022 polls continue to elicit passionate and diverse reactions from Kenyans and politicians.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Maragoli Cultural Festival, Murathe asserted that his Kikuyu community owes "no one a debt" [of political support] and that Ruto should not 'pretend' to be speaking on behalf of Jubilee on matters referendum.

"There is a need to change the Constitution so that it can be more accommodating," he said.

" Let you not be deceived by the Tangatanga movement because both Ruto and Uhuru have served their full terms and should retire together," he added.

But these remarks expectedly appear to have rattled some politicians and netizens while others support him.

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo tweeted "Murathe has no authority to speak on anyone’s behalf. Who is he to ask DP Dr WSR to retire from politics in 2022 we’ve not forgotten he sold his parliamentary seat to SK Macharia. He’s politically broke."

To this, netizens put Kabogo to task having been quoted in the past as saying the Deputy President "will not get automatic votes from the Central region."

Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wa responded to the remarks by Murathe deridingly, tweeting "Holiday season iko na ulevi zingine mbaya to some people.Let's pray alipewa maziwa kidogo...kidoooogo tu and he will sober up."

Other users who appeared irked by remarks, including one Dan Muturi‏ @DanMuturi commented "David Murathe, I thought retirement comes with age. Save for those who chooses to rest before retirement age of between 60-75 depending on someone's career. Your sentiments are misplaced and you should apologize to Dr. William our able DP."

Marindany‏ @JoshuuKipro tweeted "I don't know what this #David Murathe purports to speak for.He is so reckless unnecessarily. I want guys to take this to the bank. #Uhuru Kenyatta WILL NOT BETRAY #WILLIAM RUTO."

One @ItsTheMagician said, "The Hustler DP @WilliamsRuto is unstoppable Someone tell Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe that DP does not need endorsement from anyone Politics of endorsement is a forgotten story He should not lie to Central Kenya."

Other users appeared to support the Jubilee vice chair.

One user Gakuo Munene‏ @GakuuMunene tweeted "I agree with Murathe on this bit: if UK and WSR have shared govt 50/50, why should UK go home and WSR continue in govt? It will be a new start in 2022. We owe nobody!"

Mukami @Mukami_Mungai quipped "David Murathe is a political bully but it's true he's saying what is vibrating in bars and under the beds across KikuyuLand, in State House and by the President's henchmen. Deni Ni yeye, kuku na PHD yake."

Human rights activist Gabriel Dolan

using @GabrielDolan1 also weighed in, tweeting "David Murathe dangerous, arrogant, presumptuous, tribalistic nonsense. Saying Kikuyu elite will choose next President, not Kenyans."

Alego Usonga MP Sam Atandi tweeted "David Murathe does not need public influence to tell you what the system thinks about the future. Take it or perish."

Another opinionated user‏ @Asamoh_, a prolific user said "I keep saying this , the deep state can’t have Ruto as president. You can preach as loud as you want. Ruto is not part of that deep state. Those who understand politics of successions and interests will tell you that. You can yap as you want. David murathe , Munya & Kabogo said."

@Disembe "David Murathe is correct on one thing though. President @UKenyatta shared the government almost equally with his DP. It was in fact way beyond 50-50 if the whole point was to tie at ‘ethnic mix’ and ‘patronage’, unlike Raila’s “National Accord” sharing, which was merely on paper."

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