Two candidates tie with 453 marks to top KCPE

CS Amina Mohamed announcing KCPE results
CS Amina Mohamed announcing KCPE results

Two candidates have topped this year's KCPE scoring 453 marks, Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed has announced.

This is two marks lower than the best candidate in 2017,

Goldalyn Kakuya, from Kakamega


scored 455 marks.

The CS also said that the number of candidates with more than 400 marks had risen from 9,846 in 2017 to 12.273.

Amina has announced the results

at the Star of the Sea Primary School in Mombasa.

KCPE began on October 30 and ended on November 1 with around 1.06 million candidates sitting their exams in 27,161 centres.

Girls performed better than boys in English, Kiswahili and Kenya sign language during the 2018 KCPE exam. Boys performed better in Mathematics and science, social and religious studies.

During the 2018 exam, those who scored over 400 marks is 12,273.

Those who scored between 301 and 400 are 234,573

while those with over 200 marks up to 300 are 574,927. Those who scored between 0 and 100 were


The overall performance improved, Education CS Amina Mohamed said.

None of the nine KCPE papers was leaked.

"Several CSs went around the country to ensure that the exams are done in a credible way. I am proud that we have stumped out dishonesty," Amina said.

Amina said this year's KCPE has improved from last year's performance.

To get your results, SMS your index number 20076.

Knec chairperson George Magoha on November 2, said marking would take three weeks

President Uhuru Kenyatta, Amina, and Magoha have all maintained that

the this year’s exam was free of cheating and other malpractices.

This year surprised many with the high number of reported teenage births during the exam period with

about 30

reported cases. Quality assurance and standards officers were directed to investigate the pregnancy cases.

With more than 70,000 police officers manning the exams, there were few reported malpractice cases with three exam centres put on the spot over suspicious

malpractices and 14 people arrested.

The government has also maintained that no candidate will miss admission to secondary school.