Spare us 'mamba' talks, Duale tells off Raila

Majority leader Adan Duale. /FILE
Majority leader Adan Duale. /FILE

Majority Leader Aden Duale has hit back at Nasa leader Raila Odinga over his common narrative of "crocodiles" in River Jordan.

Duale was speaking at Tseikuru in Kitui during the burial of Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka's father Mzee Peter Musyoka Mairu.

"Nyinyi mandugu wetu wa ile mrengo ingine tusimame pamoja, msiturejesha huko chini mkitueleza mambo ya mamba. Hii mamba mnatukumbusha kila siku muwache sasa. Hakuna mamba katikati ya Wakenya," Duale said.

This is loosely translated to mean....Our brothers from the other side lets stand together. Don't take us back with this crocodile stories. This crocodile that you remind us of every day must stop. There are no crocodiles within Kenyans.

Raila has in many occasions said he and President Uhuru Kenyatta came together on March 9 to unite Kenyans after divisive elections in 2017.

During the opposition campaigns, Raila repeatedly told Kenyans he was on a mission to take them to Canaan, the promised land.

But after the handshake, he said the journey to Canaan couldn't go on as there were crocodiles at River Jordan and thus the need to build bridges to take Kenyans across.


Siaya Senator James Orengo, however, accused Duale of underestimating the need to unite Kenyans.

"When we come together as a nation, if you don't tell the truth as it is you are going nowhere. If you are telling the truth you are on the pathway to salvation," he said.

"Mamba si binadamu lakini kama unafikiri wewe ni mamba shauri yako wewe," he added.

....A crocodile is not human but if you think you are one, that's your own problem.

Orengo told Duale not be oversensitive but try to take things lightly.

"Even Mzee Kenyatta said we will forgive but never forget. We all have our own story, if you don't have a story just keep quiet," he added.

The Senate minority leader lauded Uhuru and Raila handshake saying it was the biggest gift for Kenya.

Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen did not let this go but poked fun at Orengo telling him that the Bible does not state any crocodile in River Jordan.

"Canaan ya Biblia, haikuwa na mamba. Unataka tuseme ile ya hapa tutaweka mamba, hiyo haina shida," he said.

Mzee Peter Mairu passed away on October 28. He had been battling lung cancer for a long time.


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