Kiprono Kittony tells border counties to step up war on counterfeits

Chairman of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kiprono Kittony. /FILE
Chairman of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kiprono Kittony. /FILE

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman Kiprono Kittony has urged border counties to help eliminate counterfeit goods.

Speaking in Kitale town on Friday, Kittony lamented that the influx of counterfeit goods from other countries is denying Kenyans revenue.

A month ago, Trans Nzoia county commissioner Erastus Mbui seized illegal liquor shipped from Uganda.

Maize farmers in Trans Nzoia are grappling with poor prices because of lack of a market.

The National Cereals and Produce Board has delayed payment for maize delivered by farmers.

Farmers decried the flooding of NCPB stores with cheap imports from Uganda through the Suam border.

Kittony said lack of proper mechanisms to guide the local traders will lead to loss of morale.

“County governments should harmonise taxes and remove obstacles hampering business opportunities that can be tapped by Kenyans,” he said.

He said delayed payments of contractors by the national and county governments is discouraging the youth.

He also urged county governments to provide a conducive environment for business to thrive.

“County governments need to provide proper security, affordable taxes among other issues that will enable businesses to grow,” he said.

He also asked the Energy Regulatory Commission to harmonise tariffs.

At the same time, Kittony told the government to honour its pledge by paying maize farmers from next week

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