Oyamo detained 14 days as state seeks to complete Sharon's murder probe

Michael Oyamo at the Milimani Law courts./ANNET WAMBULWA
Michael Oyamo at the Milimani Law courts./ANNET WAMBULWA

Governor Okoth Obado's personal assistant Michael Oyamo will be

detained for 14 days after the prosecution sought for

more time to conclude investigations into the murder of Sharon Otieno.

The charge of murder has also been read out to him but he has not pleaded to it.

Justice Luka Kimaru said that it's not a formal charge but it's to inform him what he might be charged with.

The prosecution through State Counsel Tom Mbali had asked the court for extra time saying that the case is very complex.

Mbali also said the investigators are still pursuing other suspects.

He said cellular devices of the suspects have to undergo forensic examinations and that they

are also waiting for DNA results which have been extracted from the suspects.


Oyamo through his lawyers had strongly opposed the application.


lawyers wanted the court to release him pending investigations.

"If they don't have evidence against him why are they holding him," the defence team asked.

Oyamo will now be detained at Muthaiga police station. The case will be mentioned on September 26.

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