'Arrest' looters of public funds, Uhuru tells youth

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during a church service in Karen on Sunday. / COURTESY
President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto during a church service in Karen on Sunday. / COURTESY

President Uhuru Kenyatta has told the youth to step up and join the war against corruption.

He said in Kisii on Sunday that young people should effect citizen's arrest of leaders found looting resources.

The President spoke during celebrations to mark the International Youth Day.

Uhuru said his administration will not relent in its renewed spirit to fight corruption.

"Vijana mimi nawaambia wachaneni na siasa ya kutumiwa na wazee eti mpigane na kuchafuana. Serikali yetu iko tayari kuona kwamba maisha yenu imeboreshwa na sio kupigana kwa mikutano ya kisiasa na kuvunjwa miguu," he said.

(Youth I am telling you to shun political of division. Don't be used by politicians to fight and cause mayhem. My government is committed to ensure your lives are better and thus the days of fighting in political campaigns must be long gone).

"Nataka nyinyi vijana muwe mstari wa mbele. Mkiona hata kama ni baba yako shitaki yeye, awe polisi, MCA, MP na ametajwa kwa mambo ya ufisadi shika yeye mpeleke polisi."

(The power is in your hands to end corruption and impunity. Do not fear anyone because they have money. If the looted cash is recovered it will benefit all of us," Uhuru said.

The President told leaders to join hands in the war on graft instead of endless politicking. He said corruption and impunity will be a big hindrance to the Big Four agenda.

"It is my appeal to all political leaders that we can still make a legacy. The time of saying our people are being hunted is over. Impunity is impunity, no matter who commits it, and as a government, we will not turn back," he said.

Uhuru said his administration is focused on improving the welfare of the youth. He said funds have been set aside to be issued as educational loans for TVET and technical Institutions.

The President said about 70 technical institutions are being established across the country, which will enrol more than 350,000 youth.

Uhuru said this will be a major milestone in bridging the skills gap that crippled development in key sectors of the economy.

"I'm aware a large number of youth are yet to secure decent jobs. I want to ask all the public sector to be yyouth-sensitive and give them an opportunity to utilise their creativity and innovations," he said.

"Even as we focus to have a community of youth who are enlightened and productive through a culture of creativity and innovativeness, it is only prudent that we help them secure job training through internships."

Uhuru said his government hopes to create jobs for 800,000 youth by 2022 through the implementation of the Big Four agenda.