Lobby group opposes bid to legalise homosexuality, calls for referendum

Members of the LGBT community protesting outside Ugandan embassy. /FILE
Members of the LGBT community protesting outside Ugandan embassy. /FILE

A lobby group has asked Kenyan courts to stop being used to legalise homosexuality in the country.

CitizenGo Africa on Friday said it is worrying that the same institutions supposed to protect the society are being used by a handful of people for their own selfish interests.

The group claims judicial activism on matters LGBT is the worst mistake being committed on Kenyan soil at the moment.

"The current matter at the High court seeking to legalise homosexuality lacks merit, locus standi and should be kicked out with immediate effect."

Ann Kioko, the group's campaign manager, said a handful of people are furthering the global agenda to legalise the anti-family LGBT.

"This always ends up setting precedence on very wrong and hurtful matters," she said in a statement.

Kioko said it is not proper to litigate on illegal issues in the country unless there is an ulterior motive.

"Research shows that Kenya is being used by gay activists to act as an entry point towards legalisation of LGBT. This should not be allowed," she said.

Kioko held that 98 per cent of Kenyans, according to an Ipsos survey, disapprove of the sexual orientation.

She maintained the case by the National Gay and Lesbians Commission should be thrown out and the public allowed to decide the same through a referendum.

"While LGBT people want to pause as special disadvantaged groups, this is not the case," Kioko said.

"The rights of persons as enshrined in the Constitution should be enough to protect all of us including those with sexual perversions."


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