Police pledge to contain muggers sprawling Nairobi CBD

Muggers caught on camera attacking a person in Nairobi town centre. /FILE
Muggers caught on camera attacking a person in Nairobi town centre. /FILE

Nairobi security chiefs have put on a brave face in the wake of a new wave of mugging and armed robberies in the Central Business District.

Police chief Japheth Koome on Monday said they were dealing with the situation.

Last week, the Star revealed that despite a new police team being formed to deal with the muggers, crime in the city was spiralling out of hand.


The team, comprising of officers from the Special Crime Prevention Unit and the Flying Squad, was formed to deal with cases where criminals attack customers walking out of banking halls and ATM.

The gang specifically trailed customers into banking halls and the city streets and robbed them of their cash.

On Monday, Koome said: "Our officers will not give the criminals a chance to harass members of the public. We must ensure the security and safety of everyone."

The briefing came amid a public outcry over rising cases of insecurity in the CBD.

Nairobi regional coordinator Bernard Leparmarai blamed street families for being part of the cause of insecurity in the city.

He said police are profiling the street children and will kick out all foreigners living in the city without authority.

The county has marked Temple and Hakati Roads as well as Moi and Haile Selassie Avenues as the hot spots for the muggings.

Other areas are Lower CBD, OTC Racecourse Road, Uyoma Street near St Peter's Claver Church and the junction of Ronald Ngala and Racecourse roads towards River Road.