City Hall begins crackdown on rogue boda bodas in bid to tame muggers

City Inspectorate official arrest a mugger in Nairobi, Sunday January 21, 2018. /FILE
City Inspectorate official arrest a mugger in Nairobi, Sunday January 21, 2018. /FILE

The Nairobi county government will conduct a crackdown on rogue boda boda from the central business district in the wake of rampant muggings.

Peter Mbaya, City Inspectorate director of operations, said criminal gangs use the said boda bodas to escape after committing robberies within the city.

"We want to remove them from the CBD because thieves use them to escape after committing robberies," he told The Star on Monday.

"They have become very dangerous and that is how we are going to deal with them," he added.

He said not all riders will be banned from the CBD as such, but those who are allowed to operate must maintain discipline.

"I cannot ban, mine is just an operation. Banning is under a different authority but what I will do is to drive the bad ones out of the CBD."

Mbaya said the operation is also aimed at ensuring the boda boda operators adhere to traffic rules.

"Those who use the wrong side and run away after they hitting pedestrians will be on our radar. Some gang up against drivers whose vehicles they have hit."

He said he held a meeting with the boda boda association chairman who told him that some of the operators have refused to wear badges for easy identity.

"That means they are criminals," Mbaya said.

The crackdown comes hot on the heels of a similar operation targeting suspected muggers who have been accused of robbing city residents in broad daylight.

Over 30 suspects had been arrested by Monday evening in the crackdown.

The operation is being led by a multi-faceted squad of police officers drawn from the Regular and Administration Police, as well as city askaris.