NASA plans retreat to finalise on Raila's swearing-in

NASA leaders Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula at Orange house. FILE
NASA leaders Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila Odinga and Moses Wetangula at Orange house. FILE

NASA leaders will head to a retreat in mid-January to unveil their calendar of events including the swearing-in of opposition leader Raila Odinga.

ODM Chairman and NASA minority leader in the National Assembly John Mbadi confirmed that the retreat was on the cards and the details shall be unveiled by the opposition captains on Tuesday next week.

"We have not decided the venue of the retreat and the exact dates but the principals will communicate to their parties on Tuesday next week," ODM chairperson John Mbadi said.


However, NASA is playing their cards close to their chest amid fears that details of the planned meeting can be used against them by the State.

The opposition has vowed to use the activities to push out President Uhuru Kenyatta from power after the disputed October 26 poll rerun.

They said the end game is secession if Uhuru refuses to step down.

“The retreat is meant to push the NASA agenda, ensure the NASA teams understand each other, the activities ahead and the end game of everything being put in place by the opposition,” Mbadi said.

Governors, Senators, Women Reps, MPs, MCAs and party officials will attend the meeting and the opposition will use the occasion to heal emerging rifts in the opposition after the coalition presented names of MPs to serve in crucial house leadership positions last Wednesday.

ANC, Wiper and Ford Kenya had claimed the list naming John Mbadi Minority Leader was not approved by the coalition's parliamentary group.

"We will also audit the coalition activities as we move forward," said an Insider.

In the six month calendar of events, NASA wants to enhance economic boycott, reach out to the global leaders and increase street protest to exert pressure on Uhuru’s regime.

The calendar also has details on the end of the County assemblies’ motion that do not recognize Uhuru and the people’s assemblies, which they expect to hold across the country.

“As stated earlier by NASA no one will ever think of stealing an election in this country,” said Mbadi.

ANC, Wiper and Kanu have had already held their retreats and ODM was considering to have its own retreat this year before the NASA retreat.

“We will have back to back retreats for ODM and NASA” said Mbadi.

“The calendar shows when we are swearing Raila and the way forward. It also has the end game of the whole processes.”

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