Jubilee wants to cut off funding to People's Assembly counties - ODM MPs

Homa Bay ODM woman representative Gladys Wanga.PHOTO/FILE
Homa Bay ODM woman representative Gladys Wanga.PHOTO/FILE

Four ODM MPs have claimed that the Jubilee administration is planning to cut off funding to counties which have approved the People’s Assembly Bill.

The legislators, however, said they will not allow this to happen.

They threatened to mobilise their supporters to stop remitting taxes if the government

fails to fund the countries.

The four are;

Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay Woman representative) Samwel Atandi (Alego Usonga), Lillian Gogo (Rangwe) and Walter Owino (Awendo) .

Counties which are perceived to be the National Super Alliance (NASA) strongholds passed the People’s Assembly Bill to provide forums for advocating for electoral reforms in the country.


Talking during a fundraiser in aid of classrooms construction at Ondicho primary school in Rangwe constituency on Friday, the legislators argued

there were plans to punish such counties by stopping devolved funds.

“There are plans by the Jubilee administration to sideline counties which are NASA dominated in resources allocation because they passed the Bill. But we will not allow this to happen,” Wanga said.

Wanga maintained that as NASA legislators, they will not relent on the fight for electoral justice.

Atandi argued that residents of such counties will suffer from lack of essential services from their county governments if the funds are not remitted.

He said all Kenyans have a right to receive funds and resources from the State since all citizens pay taxes equally.

“All Kenyans pay taxes equally hence it would amount to mistreatment if residents of any county fail to receive government services because

their county is denied funds,” Atandi said.

He threatened that they will marshal their supporters to boycott paying taxes should the National fail to release funds to the County

governments in NASA strongholds.

“The money sent to counties belongs to the taxes payers. Failure to remit the funds to any county government will make us mobilize our supporters to stop paying taxes to the Government,” Atandi added.

Gogo and Owino warned the Jubilee administration against excluding Kenyans from enjoying the country resources.

“It’s unfortunate for some leaders to purport they want to unite Kenyans yet they plan to deny them their right to equal distribution of national resources,” Gogo said.

Owino challenged Jubilee leadership to come out and clear its name on the matter.

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