AG suspends registration of Atheists

A file photo of AG Githu Muigai.
A file photo of AG Githu Muigai.

The Attorney General has suspended the registration of Atheist Society of Kenya following complaints by religious leaders.

A religious organisation had sought that the society be , saying Githu Muigai

should resign for permitting it.

Muigai, in a statement on Saturday, ordered the Registrar of Societies to immediately ban the group.

"The suspension should be done until

the propriety, legality and constitutionality of the


is determined by the supreme court," he said.

But in response to the orders, Harrison Mumia of the Atheist Society of Kenya, said they had not been notified of the de-registration.

"There is a procedure the AG has to use to issue a formal communication to us. Until we get that, we are proceeding with our plans," Mumia told the Star.

Church leaders


the registration of the atheist society saying

it was "abominable, and unconstitutional".

The vice chairperson of

Kenya National Congress of Pentecostal Churches said Muigai has "" of every person of faith by registering a society that denies existence of God.

Stephen Ndicho

demanded that the society be de-registered failure to which they will go to court as well as mobilising Kenyans

across the faiths to the streets until their demands are met.

The Atheist Society of Kenya was registered early this year and has following of over 5000 members.

The organisation embarked on a countrywide recruitment and is currently advocating for the scrapping off of religious studies from the syllabus.