What Tunoi witnesses told JSC

Former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero. /FILE
Former Nairobi governor Evans Kidero. /FILE

Evans Kidero

Nairobi governor Evans Kidero told the JSC that he had never been in contact with his accuser Geoffrey Kiplagat.

“In the first place, I do not know Kiplagat. I have never met him but if I have I would not remember because as a governor I meet so many people but I clearly do not recall nor remember him. Secondly I have only seen the Judge ( Tunoi) on television and the closest I ever came to him was when my case was bieng heard and he was up on the bench and I have never greeted him, I have never talked to him,” reads the Hansard from JSC.

He said he knew businessman Mike Njeru but denied ever commissioning him to gain access to Justice Philip Tunoi.

He said he was at home on the evening of August 27, 2014 when the handover of money allegedly took place at Petro petrol station.

“I think I should have been at home. I get home every day between 6:00 and 7:00 and live at 6:00 in the morning. So anytime after 7:00 I will not be out of my house unless I am in a state function,” he had said.

Philip Tunoi

The judge denied ever meeting John Osogo, Mike Njeru or Geoffry Kiplagat at his office.

“I have never seen them in my office, they have not seen me in my office. I have not allowed any member of public to ring my office and no member of public has given me a phone to ring somebody and I deny having talked to Dr Kidero to ask for money,” the judge said.

“I state categorically that I have never been to any petrol station or restaurant to discuss or accept or receive a bribe. These in my view are allegations which have no substance at all,” said the judge.

His accuser might have gotten his cell phone number because phone numbers of judicial officials are publicly available.

When Kiplagat first introduced himself to the judge on phone, he put him off.

“I never met him. If a caller comes, especially during the sensitive days of our court calendar, for example in the election petition hearings, a judge of my experience is always very careful,” he said.

John Osogo

John Osogo, a personal assistant to Kidero, said that he met Kiplagat when he came to look for a job in 2014.

“When Geoffrey Kiplagat came to the offices he did not have a formal appointment with the governor. So he was ushered into my office to attend to him,” he said.

However he denied that the job was a reward for helping to get a favorable outcome in the election petition.

He denied ever speaking to judge Tunoi However Osogo

acknowledged sending Kiplagat various texts including in reference to the election petition.

Mike Njeru

Businessman Mike Njeru denied ever asking Kiplagat to help influence the election petition at the Supreme Court.

He said he has known Kiplagat since 2005 and tried to help Kiplagat get a job at Nairobi county.

“I called and told him fine I will be around on the 1st September

I will be in City Hall in a meeting with the governor if you can come I really want you to come with your CV, then I will try push your case,” said the businessman.

Geoffrey Kiplagat

He told that the JSC that Njeru and Osogo met him when the petition was underway and said that they were looking for a way to influence the case.

He said that he went to the Petro station in Katwa Kigen's car with Tunoi in the back seat. There he claimed that they met Kidero being driven by Chirchir.

Katwa Kigen

He told the JSC that he knew Kiplagat but that he never discussed bribery of any kind with him. He denied ever handing over any money at the Petro station.

Kiprop Chirchir

He told the JSC that he knew Kiplagat as Geoffrey Lelmet. He denied ever going to Petro Station and said he a photo of himself at home on August 27 at 8.34pm.