How dhania aids in weight loss

Coriander is particularly useful in shifting visceral fat which accumulates around the organs.

In Summary

• Coriander is particularly useful when it comes to shifting the visceral fat which accumulates around the organs.

• It works by increasing metabolism, thus burning more calories faster.

coriander leaves.
coriander leaves.
Image: Pixabay

We all know that there are plenty of health benefits from a fresh plant juice. 

Apart from the usual spinach and kale, coriander, also known as dhania, can be blended into juice.

The herb is rich in vitamins A, C and K which are all beneficial to the eyes and the immune system.

Other than its usual use in stew as a condiment, it can be blended to make juice or added to smoothies.

If you like coriander, a more beneficial way to enjoy it would be to add fresh or dried coriander to meals, as adding herbs and spices to food is great for adding flavour.

Blending it with lemon juice improves the flavour; the aroma from the fresh leaves is captivating.

coriander juice.
coriander juice.
Image: Pixabay

Benefits of coriander juice

Dr Stacey Lockyer, Senior Nutrition Scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation suggested that coriander juice can be helpful for those who are trying to lose weight.

"It could speed up metabolism potentially leading to burning visceral fat faster and aiding digestion,"she said.

Visceral fat is fat which accumulates around body organs like the heart or stomach.

Coriander is rich in many micro-nutrients that trigger weight loss therefore, it is considered an effective solution to cut down the extra kilos.

According to Lockyer, it also treats other disorders such as cholesterol imbalance, diabetes and the digestion rate, all of which contribute indirectly to weight loss. 

How to make coriander juice

Wash and chop a handful of coriander leaves.

Put the chopped coriander into a blender, and water and blend until smooth.

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