Elect women with smarts, guts and talent — lobby

The only way to achieve the two-thirds gender rule is for women to win seats

In Summary

• Gusii Governance Watch Secretary Otundo said  the country will only achieve the two-thirds gender rule if the women are given the necessary support to win seats.

•She said that women have the capacity to be elected against men and other women and called on Kenyans to elect women when the right time comes. 

Gusii Governance Watch secretary Rachael Otundo in her office.

Politically ambitious women need funding and material support so they can compete fairly with men.

That's what Gusii Governance Watch Secretary Rachael Otundo has said, adding the two-thirds gender rule will only be achieved if women get support to win seats in 2022.

“The country will only attain the one-third [two thirds] gender rule if Kenyans elect more politically minded women,” Otundo said.

The activist said implementing the two-thirds gender rule by nominating women makes them objects of control.

She said women with potential lack finances to succeed.

“Those women with potential in politics lose seats because of financial constraints unlike their male counterparts,” Otundo added.

She is eyeing the Kisii governor's seat and called on Gusii women to unit and join political parties so they can run for election.

The country has more than 50 political parties.

“Women in our community shun from vying for political seats and instead bank on being nominated after  elections,” Otundo said.

“Women are nominated into the National and county assemblies after elections to comply with the two-thirds gender rule enshrined in the Constitution but that burdens the taxpayer ” Otundo said.

She urged women to shun traditional negative perceptions that politics and leadership are for men. She said the democratic space has been expanded and women should fight for their rightful place in it.

(Edited by V. Graham)